Boxing Day and the gloves are off

Wow. Yesterday was the first Christmas morning since the age of 17 that I’ve not had a raging hangover. (Note: This is not counting the year I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my oldest boy, where I was obviously not actually hungover, but felt like I was, due to the combination of extreme tiredness and morning sickness. Oh, the irony).

It’s also the first Christmas for years where I’ve jumped out of bed with a fair degree of excitement. And then not started drinking at about 10am.

I was able to drive my little family over to my in-laws without a raging case of the uncertainty-jitters. (A condition characterised by probably not being still drunk, but having enough of a hangover for impaired decision making abilities, and therefore driving like Dougal when he’s stolen the milkfloat in that episode of Father Ted).

I enjoyed a fairly relaxed Christmas day, and had a lot more patience with the children. I was offered champagne, but also offered sparkling apple juice by my Dad-in-Law, so didn’t feel massively tempted to drink. Result!

The best (and worst) part came when it was time to make the journey home, on a dark and torrentially rainy night. We set off out of the village on our usual route, kids nodding, OH and I chatting happily. I crested a hill, only to be confronted with a large van abandoned in a dip under a bridge in about 3 feet of  rising flood water. I managed to stop – just – in a safeish manner, turn around in the tight lane, alert other motorists to the problem, and find another safe route home.

I don’t really like to think about how my reaction speeds would have been had I been nursing a hangover, and if I’d accepted that glass of champagne (“It’s only one – it’ll be out of my system by the time I need to drive”). I’m not keen on thinking about having to get three small children out of the back of that car, if we’d got stuck.

We got home, got the kids to bed, and collapsed on the sofa to watch a film. I had a moment of temptation when OH opened a very good bottle of red and asked if I wanted to taste it, but it lasted merely a few minutes, and later when I caught a whiff from his glass, it actually smelt quite repulsive (despite him waxing lyrical about smoky tones!).

So the best part of my sober Christmas day was actually being able to keep my little family safe. Pretty good result really.

If you’re reading this, a very Happy Boxing Day to you. My goals for today will be trying to get the children to eat some food which isn’t chocolate, or ham, or chocolate-coated ham. And NOT drinking.



10 thoughts on “Boxing Day and the gloves are off”

  1. I am so happy for you! And so thankful that your drive home went the way it did.

    Perhaps OH could stop offering you a taste? I’m super impressed that you resisted that temptation!

    Keep on keeping on!



      1. When I was at 7 months, my husband asked me to pick up a six pack for him. That’s not triggery for me, thankfully, but this particular time the store didn’t have what he wanted. I texted him and after about 5 minutes of him essentially having me browse the freaking shelves, I texted him back, “YOU DO KNOW I’M SOBER, RIGHT!?!”

        Yeah. He paid for that.

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  2. Hahaaaa! Love it. That’s just cracked me up, thankyou.. seriously, I wonder what they’re thinking sometimes. My OH is a big drinker (often lead astray by my good self in the past), but he’s infinitely more able to control it or just stop than I am. He’s trying, but just doesn’t really ‘get’ where I’m at with it.
    Anyway – today WILL be better and I’m going to arm myself with some diversions at wine o’clock tonight.
    Red xx


    1. I thought my husband was a big drinker, but apparently he was just keeping up with me! He’s dialed it way back.

      I can honestly say that his drinking doesn’t trigger me. I think that’s how I knew I was serious about stopping. Nothing he’s drinking tastes as good as how sober sleep and hangover free living feels. Nothing. It’s glorious. I have had some of the most intense joyful moments since stopping. I am so damn thankful!

      You are doing so well! Keep it up!


  3. I need that right now, am into the witching hour and the cravings are back! So I’m heeding your advice, and heading to M&S (luxury foodhall) for flowers, good food for our dinner and a general mooch whilst OH feeds the kids! Deep breaths..


    1. You got this!!! I just checked the time difference and you’re about 6 hours ahead of me. I figured the witching hour was getting close.

      Enjoy your treats. Take deep breaths. I know it’s hard with littles, but if you can go to bed early, do.

      You are strong and you CAN do this. You are doing it!


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