I won, I won, I won!

You have to imagine me saying that in the style of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine to get the full effect really.

So. Last night. On receiving the news I’d stopped drinking, our visitors looked very slightly surprised, and after a short (but positive) discussion, we just cracked on with our evening. We ate good food (eventually), talked, laughed, and listened to music, and I didn’t feel left out one little bit. It was actual real fun. 

We went to bed at a reasonable hour (by old standards) and they were up and off early this morning to go running. Oh how times have changed…

I’ve learned two very useful things from last night:

  1. I think I was the worst offender drinks-wise previously at these events. Everyone else dranklast night, but nowhere near as much as we would have if I wasn’t cracking open bottle after bottle like a crazed bartender.
  2. I really don’t really like sausage and egg sandwiches when I’m not hungover. Who knew?

So,  despite  feeling very tired today after a short and disrupted sleep, I’m a happy bunny. Because I definitely won that little battle. Just got to make sure I win the war.



7 thoughts on “I won, I won, I won!”

  1. How hilarious about the sausage and eggs. My dad drank and he loved them in the morning. I have been a drinker until 4 days ago and I crave eggs and bacon when I drink. Oh wait – I crave them not drinking too so maybe that doesn’t count. Congratulations on your sober day!

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  2. Go Red!! How good does that feel? It is small victories like this that will see you make this a success. Last Christmas I was about 40 days sober and spent a brilliant Christmas with my very drunk friends. I think I had the best fun of all of us. Very pleased for you 🙂


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