Day 4 has been an interesting one; it’s been mostly spent in hospital, rather unexpectedly. Nothing serious; but if you google “Bartholin’s abcess”, it may make you wince if nothing else. I certainly did a fair bit of wincing this morning. I’m home now, taking very strong antibiotics, and feeling a bit flu-ey.

These unexpected events this morning certainly turned the day rather topsy-turvy. However, I’m pleased to report there have been some positives which I’ve taken from the day:

  • I didn’t have to face a painful trip to the g.p. and then hospital this morning with a hangover.
  • I didn’t panic when I realised my day of prepping for no 1 son’s return to school tomorrow had basically disappeared. Instead I just worked out which tasks were essential, have done them efficiently, ย and am now resting.
  • I also managed to diffuse the usual post-tea loony tunes episode (a nightly ritual, involving my two boys literally and figuratively bouncing off the walls and furniture) by engaging all three childen in a game of musical bumps. I didn’t join in, as you’ll understand if you’ve googled my ailment by now, but I was more than happy DJ’ing, and the kids loved it.
  • I’ve managed to find some positives in a grotty day. This in itself is a novelty, and surely demonstrates my mood has improved already!

All the above may seem like small things, but they are little victories for me. With a hangover, the above would have been too much for my diminished faculties.

Right – I wish a good night to anyone reading this – I’m off to lower myself very, very slowly into a hot bath. Bring on Day 5!


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