A new spin on a night off

Day 7 for me today. Wow, listen to me and my amazing maths powers!  At least starting this on New Years day makes it easier for me to work out how many days sober I am… (well,  at least until February, when it’ll all go to hell in a handcart).

I’ve been feeling tired all week, but I’m putting that down to a) my friend the abcess, b) my delightfully exhausting children,  and c) the new school/nursery/work schedule. I’ve still noticed a few benefits of being AF, despite this. I’m finding that I no longer feel like I need to go to bed shortly after the children. In fact preferably before. Not that I ever did, mind you, I just used to grumble about being utterly exhausted whilst exercising my right elbow pouring myself more wine. I now find myself actually feeling quite awake at about 11pm at night! I’ve even been staying up till midnight and beyond, reading. This is backfiring slightly,  and I’m actually getting less sleep, as the smalls apparently didn’t get the memo about Mummy needing a lie-in, due to all her newfound energy.

My next challenge is tomorrow night. My lovely parents-in-law have offered to have all three children overnight, as they often do, to give us a break. The scenario on such nights would usually play out thus:

We’d  race home from work, change into clothes not covered in weetabix, and head straight out to one of our favourite craft beer spots for “early doors”.  We’d do some “research” and try lots of new beers we’d not tried before. We’d then decide that it was getting quite busy, and as we needed to take the opportunity to recharge our batteries, we should really go home. We’d pick up a takeaway, and some bottles of wine (at least one each) and head off. We’d then eat, drink more wine, and attempt to watch a film, during which I’d fall asleep multiple times. We’d then perk up a bit, and think it was a bloody good idea just to listen to a couple of tracks before bed. Oh but we’d need a drink to do that, so I’d forage under the stairs, find something fizzy, and in the blink of an eye, it’d be 3am, we’d be singing at the tops of our voices, fully believing we really can harmonise beautifully, drinking something that tasted like disinfectant, but was probably supposed to be a Speyside, and then staggering to bed. We’d wake up about 10am, horrifically hungover, and “enjoy” our child free lie-in. Not.At.All.

The stupid thing is, we’d always romanticise these evenings in advance. “We’ve been so tired, what we need is some time together,to relax, and get a really good night’s sleep”. And “wow – we’ll get a lie-in, without being interrupted by small people! We may even *hold the press* get the chance for romantic morning nookie!!!”.

And then we’d get royally pissed and utterly bugger all that up. We’d be unable to remember large chunks of the night, we may even have argued. And we’d have written off a precious Saturday to feeling like death, with our livers screaming for mercy.

Here’s my alternative plan for my first alcohol-free, child-free night:

We’ll have a nice, but quick tea, and head up to the cinema to see Star Wars, where I’ll be eating Revels and feeling about 10 years old again. Then home, an early night, and awake to a marvellous, hangover free lie-in on Saturday morning. Now doesn’t that sound better?

Red xx



20 thoughts on “A new spin on a night off”

  1. Hi Red – Yay for you – Day 7! I’m on day 5 – having blipped for a few days over new year – but that’s ok. Feeling so strong and positive now and so glad I have found your blog. Wow – once again can so relate to this post. In the past I can also remember thinking ‘child free weekend – great – lie in’ – except I had an awful night’s fitful sleep and woke early with hangover. Determined this will not happen in 2016 or ever again. In fact – went away for weekend during my alcohol free stretch last year – initially found it quite a struggle to resist the wine with wonderful romantic meals with hubby – but successfully managed it – and had a much better weekend because of it. So I know I can do it – and you know you can do it. Your ‘alternative’ alcohol free night plan above sounds perfectly awesome. Enjoy it! Love SFM!!

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    1. Hey SFM – so good to hear you’re feeling so chipper too! I think I will also struggle if I’m out for a nice meal with my hubby, that’ll be another challenge. But – there’s no romance lying on a bed with the room spinning feeling sick now is there?? 😉 I hope you have some nice AF plans for the weekend! Red xx


    1. I can’t wait – think it’ll be the perfect film to see in this situation.. it’s a rite of passage for me, I can still remember the incredible childhood joy of going to see The Empire Strikes Back at the Chester odeon (some aeons ago) with my dear Dad. Red xx


  2. Option B sounds like THE WAY TO GO. Personally, I’m a Trekkie, but to each his/her own. Get a ton of sleep and sleep realllly late with drooling and snoring and everything. I love sleep. It’s awesome and it’s FREEEEE.


      1. I hated them both, that shit needs to stop. hahah!! I read that there is another film coming out, surely it will be equally bad. My fave Trek is Next Generation, I had huge baldy-crush on Patrick Stewart:)

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  3. Red, you are too funny! My parents would take the kids for the 24 hour pass and my hubby and I would do the same thing exactly! The hangovers were a killer! I am going to a movie tonight too! Take me right through wine time!
    Have fun 🙂

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