I had my first “drinking dream” last night. It was only a brief flash during what felt like an epic dream. I was sitting at an outside table at a bar, in a foreign climate, opposite my husband.  I think we were younger, and we were talking ten to the dozen. I distractedly opened a bottle of craft beer, poured it into an ice cold glass and downed it. And then remembered that I don’t drink. I was devastated – what an utter nobber! I felt as if I’d ruined everything, and the bottom fell out of my stomach…

Anyway, the dream flitted swiftly on to other strange events, and the drink was forgotten and lost. When I woke up I remembered   – and I suddenly realised just how important it is for me to stay sober.

I wonder if alcohol will continue to pop up in my dreams for the rest of my days, rather like people who are long lost to me still occasionally appear at random? Like a grieving process, where you wake up sad, and remember, and then let go again.

I’m really rather pleased though, I feel like I’ve passed a little test which my brain set for me. Drinking in the dream hasn’t left me racing to the nearest bottleshop, slavering and burbling like Slimer in Ghostbusters.  (The resemblance would be uncanny). Instead, if anything, it’s strengthened my resolve.

Day 12. I’m now two days past my previous count before the NYE debacle. And nearly half way to my previous record. Bring it on!

Red xx




12 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Hi Red – So many congrats on day 12 and those victory milestones. They’re so important aren’t they. I’m on day 10 and counting and so hoping I can resist any horrible temptations like my NYE debacle – but I think (no wait – I am determined!!) with your and SM’s help I’m really going to do it this time. Drinking dreams eh! I had one at the end of last year when I was AF and similarly was disappointed with myself that I had succumbed – and then so relieved when I woke and realised it was just a dream. I’ll let you know if I get any more soon. Cant wait to here when you’ve reached your new record. You’re doing great Red – keep posting please. Your posts are really helping me stick at this. Love SFM

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    1. Thanks so much SFM – & wow, it’s lovely to think I might actually be helping someone else too!! I find it so encouraging when people comment. I think we’re doing brilliantly don’t you?? These have to be he hardest days. I find counting is helpful at the moment, but I also look forward to when (one day) we just start remembering how many years it’s been, not days any more 🙂 Massive congrats on double figures by the way. We’ll be counting in months before we know it!! Red xx

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  2. There is a bubble hour on dreams.

    I occasionally have one like your. Before my 1 year anniversary I know I had one where I decided to have a drink, and then kept drinking and drinking and denying I was drinking. My teeth were purple and I was definitely drunk in the dream and I kept pretending I wasn’t and then drinking more.


    Anyway, 12 days is awesome. Keep at it!

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  3. Hi Red!
    I only had very few (less than 4 I think) drinking dreams.
    The last one had cute guys in it, and I was sober.
    That’s all I remember now. Well, my hubs was in it too. And he’s cute, too!

    Way to go on Day 12!!

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  4. I think dreaming in general is good.. Apparently it means your brain is processing stuff! Well done on day 12.. It’s mine today which is the longest I’ve done for ions.. Dry January is definitely helping although I can’t believe how many of my friends are already ‘damp’… Sounds a but like your jumper!! ;-D

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    1. Haha – Oh the jumper. Well done on 12 days too! I’m finding Dry Jan is working well as a lot of my friends/colleagues seem far happier to accept that than me saying “oh by the way I don’t want to drink again. EVER..”. I plan to just tell people it’s felt so good I’m keeping it up in Feb.. Red xx


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