Bloody Friday

Damn you, Friday. I must be feeling better, as I have a pesky craving this afternoon. I can almost taste an ice cold glass of… Nope. I’ll stop right there, for all our sakes.

It’s the “I need a treat” mentality, I know it. I’ve tried a luxurious bath. In fact I’m sitting in it now as I type; I thought I’d combine blogging with a little risk-taking, just to feel alive. It’s not sodding working though.

So I’m going to play it forward:

I’d hop out of the bath and go downstairs, and crack open a nice bottle of ‘X’. Whilst waiting for my OH to arrive home with the twins, I’d consume most of it. In about an hour. I’d then be in full on party mode when he gets home, at which point he’d nip out to the shop, to get me another emergency bottle, and one for him. The rest of the night would proceed something likeΒ this.

But! I’d wake up tomorrow feeling guilty, queasy, useless, incredibly tired, and I would not have the energy to take the twins swimming. Which is something we’re always meaning to do, but don’t because weΒ feel utterly pants.Β 

So I’m going to enjoy some nice food, try a non-alcoholic Sea Breeze, and watch a film, of which I will actually see the end! And I’ll wake up tomorrow happy, and so, so glad. There. That’s starting to work.

Happy Friday,

Red xx



17 thoughts on “Bloody Friday”

  1. Hi Red – Hang on in there – good for you – playing it forward. I have to keep doing that to keep the cravings at bay too. Along with my shocking chocolate habit (but I’m not going to worry about that for now). It’s still way less than the alcohol calories! We’ve just booked our family holiday for later in the year and I’m already thinking – aarrrgghh – lovely holiday – how am I going to enjoy it without vino. But that’s several mths away – so hopefully having passed the magic day 100 by then – it will be a breeze….!!! And why am I worrying about something several mths ahead. Take one day at a time…. Sorry to hear you weren’t well earlier in the week by the way. Glad you’re recovering – don’t let that evil witch of vino muscle in now you’re better though. I’m sending her evil virtual vibes for you (and for me of course). Happy Friday Red – Love SFM

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    1. Haha – thanks SFM, I can just see the biatch shrivelling under the weight of your evil vibes!!! In fact I’m feeling pretty good as I’ve been listening to music with my OH and getting quite a buzz from it – didn’t think that would happen!! Try not to overthink your holiday.. maybe tackle it a bit nearer the time? If it’s anything like my last couple of drinking hols, if I play it forward it’s great fun for the first day, and then I can almost feel the terrible jaded, jaundiced feeling I always develop about 2 days in!! I’m sending your vino witch some black hole laser beams to see her off πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!!
      Red xx


  2. lying here in bed reading your blogs – sober. No hangover in the morning and I’ll remember the end of Death in Paradise that we had recorded. But sober, like you, so well done and that’s another Friday cracked.



  3. Well done to everyone! Red, I love that you’re feeling buzzy just hanging out with your husband. I’ve felt quite buzzed on several different occasions since I’ve been sober. It feels the same and different in all the best ways, doesn’t it?

    Cheers to a lovely Saturday morning!

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    1. Hey Wendy! Yes it totally took me by surprise – especially after my craving earlier. But I’ve really enjoyed the music, and the chat, and now I’m in bed eating chocolate and feeling really chuffed πŸ™‚ am so pleased, feel like I’ve busted another drinking myth. Happy Friday night to you, hope yours is a good one too πŸ™‚ Red xx

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  4. Yep play it forward to the CARNAGE of Saturday morning and it will always make sober Fridays less painful. I love my sober Fridays. Last night was dinner out and very mundane errands with spouse, culminating in ice cream eating and TV watching in bed. Doesn’t get much better than that!
    BTW what exactly is OH? Old Husband? Only Husband, as if the rest of us have multiples? Ohio?? Do tell.

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    1. Haha – yes, I was so glad I was sober at 6.30am when one of the small dudes woke me up wanting his breakfast weetabix πŸ˜‰ OH stands for “other half”. He is my husband, and he’s gorgeous and I feel he deserves a better moniker, but anything else I could think of sounded a bit, well, cheesy. Your friday night sounded great – I need to rediscover premium ice cream. Except you guys can get all the good Ben n Jerrys flavours in the States, where our choice is pretty dull. I need to move to Vermont. Red xx

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      1. Got it! I love that you’re picturing me eating premium ice cream rather than the lowfat frozen yogurt with store brand chocolate syrup:) I actually struggled over buying the Denali Extreme Maximum Chocolae Moose Tracks (I’m not making that up) but the yogurt has less than half the calories and I was planning to drown the whole thing in syrup anyway.
        Yes, America- land of the FAT. Hahah!

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