Hello tastebuds

Newsflash!! It is possible to enjoy what I loosely term a “TV picnic” without the aid of wine, I was pleased to discover last night. For the uninitiated, this is a meal occasionally eaten on weekend evenings, consisting of various cheeses, cured meats, marinated, smoked and stuffed things, and fancy bread with random bits and bobs in. Oh, and dips. I usually fill at least two sidetables with this stuff, and then we nibble away until we’re unable to physically move without two weeks written notice, and we’re verging on a full-blown cheese-coma. I had falsely assumed that all this lovely nosh would taste of cardboard, if not accompanied by gallons of the red devil juice. What utter bollocks that turned out to be. I can actually taste more, and I also managed to stop eating just short of causing myself an internal injury. Result!

Yep, that’s yet another of my personal drinking myths exploded. It’s truly amazing what nonsense my addicted brain would throw up (pun not intended) when it was trying to convince me I needed alcohol in my life. Fancy thinking food wouldn’t be enjoyable!?! Really? Did I not enjoy eating for the first 17 years of my life? I lived to eat as a child, I was insatiable.

Next up to try, steak sans vino. Yes, I have a food list, and I’m damn well working through it!

And in other news, watch out for my next post, entitled “Where’s all my money, and why the hell aren’t I losing weight?”.

Red xx



15 thoughts on “Hello tastebuds”

  1. Oh my god, you are too funny. I snorted laughing when I read this. Love, love love the way you write and this one tickled to the max. I call that style of eating Pickee Bits and it is a favourite of mine too and like you I would have it with some grape juice and more specifically it would usually be Spanish grape juice at that! Looking forward to the steak update.

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      1. Haha – dare I say it, I’m not a fan of crisps at all… there, I’ve completely alienated you all now haven’t I. I do love a lightly salted tortilla chip though… grilled with cheese, chicken, chorizo, and smothered in guacamole. Dribble, dribble…


  2. Hi Red – I lurve all that antipasti stuff. Equally have wondered how I can fully enjoy my fave meals without vino – but going good so far. I had a rather divine fillet steak last night – was out at a restaurant and I was driving which I always find a great get out clause – even though prev I would have had 1-2 glasses or whatever I thought would keep me under the limit by home time. Anyway last night I was drinking sparkling mineral water. The steak was divine and I didn’t miss the drink at all (ok honesty here – Mr SFM had some pinot noir with his – but seriously the thought of ‘wouldn’t it maybe be nice’ was extremely fleeting – in fact so fleeting I didn’t get as far as having to play it forward to stop my temptation. Anyway what this waffle was boiling down to – was next time I have a steak at home, I’m going to have it with either dark grape, cranberry or pomegranate juice as I think the fruity richness of those will really complement the steak. Still loving the posts Red – keep them coming – you’re keeping me motivated here. Love SFM x

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    1. Aww thanks SFM! I like the idea of your drinks choices to go with the steak – something rich like a dark berry smoothie would be perfect wouldn’t it! I’m so glad to hear your desire for the pinot was fleeting! That’s great! Red xx


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