How to celebrate sober. Pt 1.

Temptation came a knockin’ on the side-door of my brain this afternoon, trying to catch me out, the sneaky bastard. Tried to fool me into thinking that I couldn’t possibly celebrate and kick my heels up without wine. 

You see, Mr Red started a business last summer with a friend. They’ve been doing well, because they’re passionate about, and very good at, what they do. We’ve been feeling the pinch horribly, as they haven’t been paying themselves, and have been ploughing everything back into growing the business. But we’re playing the long game here, and thinking about the future. Anyway, they had a meeting today, and came out of it with potentially some very good news. We’ll know more after the weekend, but hey, we felt like celebrating tonight.

Add into the mix the fact that I received a text from my delightful in-laws offering to have our little people for a sleepover tonight, and you have conditions for the perfect storm in the Red household.

Temptation started telling me that I couldn’t possibly celebrate properly with Mr Red and his good news if I wasn’t drinking alcohol. It would be flat, and boring; I would be flat and boring. I also knew how disappointed I’d feel if I caved in and drank. I can’t win, I thought to myself.

Well bugger you, Temptation, you were wrong. We went out for a few drinks (spicy ginger ale, thankyou) and a good chat at our local pub. Then we came home and ate lovely food and listened to music and talked until gone midnight, and We Had Fun!

We played Wintersleep, Arcade Fire (thankyou for those, lovely Canada) and Kings Of Leon, very loud, because no-one was sleeping and we just could.  I had so much fun that I actually fell off my chair at one point, and Mr Red threatened to take away my sparkling water as I was “getting a bit too giddy, and real friends tell their friends when they’ve had enough to drink”.

So f*ck you Temptation. You lost. Red wins.



15 thoughts on “How to celebrate sober. Pt 1.”

  1. Oh Congrats Red – on the sober celebration and the business. We’ve also quit “working for the man” and have our own business, so I know what it’s like when your cash flow turns into a cash trickle…..and so its a mixture of celebration and relief when it starts to come together. But isn’t it awesome to enjoy the celebration and then remember it the next day? Very happy for you xx

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    1. Thanks Jackie! I’ve seen in your posts about you guys having your own venture, I hope things are going well for you? Must admit a major factor in my quitting drinking was to see just how much we could achieve this year, given its going to be a busy one. (Mr Red’s drinking naturally declines sharply when his “wing man” is sober). And yes, right now I’m very much enjoying my hangover & child-free morning. My feet are actually up, FFS 😉 Red xx


  2. Right on! *high five* That must have been very difficult, I always felt free to drink when the kids were gone (well, more free, nothing was going to stop me, really). It’s kind of a break through when you see that life is ACTUALLY FUN and doesn’t really need any help.

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  3. Well done Red, wine witch came calling here today as I have a cold and my brain tells me I need some single malt to aid recovery but I remember that in the morning I will still have a cold and would have added a hangover to the party. So no scotch and tonight will be 21 days – a record going back to Xmas 2008 (I was working and couldn’t drink) but that record will go next Saturday. Go speak to Dappled Path if you have a minute – she needs some support.

    Stay strong. Well done to Mr Red.


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    1. Ah. The single malt. There’s another of my challenges to conquer; Edinburgh without the whisky. Glad you made it despite the cold. I’ll be busting my previous record on 28th. Thanks for the heads up, hadn’t seen Annie’s blog so have just popped by as it were. Get well soon – booze free sleep is a much better cure for a cold. Red xx


  4. Hi Red – that is fantastic to hear. I am so happy for you, Mr Red and the business venture – and most of all that you celebrated sober – and enjoyed it. It’s so true about the whole needing to form new sober memories etc and remember that you can totally have a good time – correction – an even better time – whilst sober. Keep it up – and happy sober weekend to you. Still going well here – day 20 – and I’ve cracked 2 nights out and dinner with friends this week – all sober. So great to have all this online support. Onwards and upwards. Love SFM

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    1. Yay for day 20!!! Bet that feels good? Hope you enjoyed the nights out? I’m finding the thought of not drinking is so much worse than the reality. Can’t wait till we all bust through into February and then just keep on going 🙂 A very happy sober weekend to you too xx Red xx


  5. Excellent!! Store that memory for next time the wine witch comes wispering in your ear. Christmas 2014 I was stone cold sober and out of all my friends think I had the most fun. Plus like you I woke up with no hangover. You are making great strides and as they say it takes 30 days to create a new habit and you are nearly there. I am behind you like so many others and love your positive vibe, enthusiasm, determination and resolve. You are an inspiration to many already, long may it continue. Big hugs for you ()

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    1. Ahhh thanks so much, for your lovely comment. I don’t feel like an inspiration, I am pretty selfish here with this blog as I value and need all the support you all give me, I couldn’t have got this far without it!! In a million years!! I hope you’ve had a good week, and are feeling strong, my friend 🙂 Red xx


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