Booting the witch

Friends – I wanted to thank you all for the fantastic support I received when I fessed up to my binge last weekend. It means a LOT. Every one of those kind comments is a big, iridescent green scale in the fabulous dragon-armour I’m building to protect me from the evil witch. I picture my witch looking like The Witch King of Angmar, from Return of the King. Scary fucker, ย but Eowyn defeated him, and so can I.


So tonight, I’ve locked the doors, and I’m warding the bastard off with a rhubarb sparkling cordial in a fancy Villeroy & Boch glass, whilst cooking a Massaman curry and listening to some awesome music by an icelandic band on the Spotify. Of Monsters and Men; in case you’re interested. Beautiful stuff.

And just like Sober Mummy in her post onย Sober Mornings, I’m really, really looking forward to waking up hangover -free and victorious tomorrow, to the sound of the little munchkins arriving in our bedroom to start their day. I may well be woken by being battered over the head with a stuffed elephant, but it’ll be a beautiful thing indeed.

Happy Friday night to you all, I wish you glorious victories over your own witches and demons.

Red xx



20 thoughts on “Booting the witch”

  1. I just cooked pork chops, saute potatoes and a mushroom and tarragon sauce and I even put some of the leftover xmas sherry in the sauce rather than in me – I hope that doesn’t mark me down. Other wise it was Heron valley summer fizz cut with fizzy water (I’m sort of worrying about the sugar loading – although the ice-cream and white chocolate won’t have helped). Eowyn might have defeated the witch queen but most of the Hobbits were pissed as farts as far as I can tell, and there was a lot of weed smoking.

    Ho hum, the road goes ever on……


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    1. Yes, I’m definitely moving away from the hobbit lifestyle now! Your meal sounds delish. I worry about the sugar too, but I reckon one thing at a time. I did switch from cordial just to fizzy water with lime. But then, I’ve eaten a lot of cake too. It’s the lesser of two “weevils” at the moment. Red xx

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    1. It’s lovely, the Rhubarb cordial! I get it from Marks & Spencer. I’m getting really into trying new drinks at the mo. I had a lovely hangover-free morning, thankyou and am looking forward to another tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ How is your weekend? Red xx


      1. Hi Red – Hope you’re ok. Let us know how you’re doing. Bet you’ve got some little funnies to tell us about your 3 wee ones. Here for you – and would love to keep mutually supporting each other – whatever the story. Love SFM xxx


      2. Hey SFM – so lovely to hear from you. I’ve been a bad girl over the last few weeks. I’ll be posting either tonight or tomorrow to fill everyone in. I’m so glad you’ve stayed strong. Please send me some of your willpower!! Red xx


      1. Oh wow! I have never been there be would love to. That is so cool! I have very eclectic music tastes so Pandora radio threw them on for me and that is how I came across the band. They are excellent! ๐Ÿ‘

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  2. Hangover free mornings are the best!! I’m trying to come up for a name for the wine witch but haven’t thought of anything suitable yet. But it doesn’t matter what we call it I guess, as long as we don’t listen to it! A x

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