Sunday morning

Happy Sunday morning! I’m lying in bed, with Mr Red, and the three Redlets crammed into various spaces. We’re half- watching Up on dvd, and I’m getting a brief chance to catch up on soberblogs, whilst occasionally getting elbowed in the crotch. (Not by Mr Red, I hasten to add).

I feel good – it feels like my immune system might just have rediscovered it’s purpose. And I had a lovely walk and some coffees in pubs with Mr Red yesterday (he drank beer). I didn’t feel an urge to drink, but I do think that’s down to the lurgy. My real challenge will be facing not drinking when I feel tip-top again.

I also managed not to drink last night – I did contemplate it I confess, but ultimately the answer came back “no”. We’ve started re-watching the classic 90’s series “Cracker”. Gritty police drama with Robbie Coltrane. Awesome tv and all the better sober, because I saw the end and could actually follow the plot. (Side note – one bonus of all my previous drinking was that I passed out in a lot of films & TV series. So it’s like a whole new world out there).

Anyway – Happy May Day to you all. I’m feeling good about today; once I can extricate myself from this bed, I’m going to have a real coffee (without feeling the usual urge to puke) and we may even go outdoors, and dodge the lovely rain and hailstones the UK spring is hurling at us.


16 thoughts on “Sunday morning”

  1. Yeah, 2 coffees, bacon and eggs and finished in the line of duty last night, remembering all of the plot which was a first. Seem to remember Robbie Coltrane was a pissed gambler who when asked why he drank and gambled he says “its because I’m easily bored”. Me thinks part of the trick is to stay busy as idle hands reach for the bottle of wine – or the bucket in my case. Wine first and then the bucket. Have a great May Day.


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    1. I need to watch In the Line of Duty! Yeah I wondered if Fitz might trigger me drinking wise, but he’s such a pitiful character really that it’s having the opposite effect. Particularly since he drinks crap whisky. You are correct on the idle hands. I’m getting every toy the kids have out, whilst simultaneously doing housework. Time for an awesome coffee. Happy May Day, my friend. Red xx


  2. Happy May Day to you too Red. We’re going to venture out today too, with dog and kids in tow. So far no hail storms! I just put the washing out and – dare I even think it?! – it feels a little warmer today! Hoorah. x

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  3. Hi, Red. Every time I see your posts I think about those fucking Reeses bars. hahah! I’m off sugar for 30 days (mostly, it’s really hard to avoid all of it) but I think I’ll hit one of those babies at the end of it (and probably puke. haha!) Glad you are starting to feel better. Keep up the not-drinking!!

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    1. Oh the Reeses bars… I’ve only had one in the last month. Massive restraint on my part I reckon 😉 The no sugar thing is way hard – I’ve read the books and got no further.. it’s in blooming everything! Good luck with the 30 days, please blog how ya get on. I’ll post you a Reeces bar in celebration! Red xx

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  4. Yay for you on Sunday morning, sounds lovely all if you piled in together. I was hugging Sunday morning too ….. White porcelain of the name Shanks! Not good at all. When will we learn. Hope you fared better than me Red.


  5. woo! that sounds lovely! Thanks for the reminder of Cracker. I must watch it again. Our friends up north is ace too when you’re finished that. I’m halfway through Broadchurch and I love it. Hope things are going well. xx

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