Down with the ick

Yes folks, you guessed it! It’s bathtime again. I’m currently marinating in a hot bath in an attempt to wash away the illnesses which have been plaguing me.

Tonsillitis is still here; as of yesterday I’m on stronger antibiotics, and living in fear of quinsy (a truly Victorian-sounding illness, which would surely require the application of a poultice of some sort..). Unfortunately, on top of this, I’ve spent the morning riding the “chunder-bus”, Β after contracting a vomiting virus from my poor little girl.

Needless to say, this has not been a good mix. It’s safe to say that Red’s immune system is definitely in Brazil, and has now met the man/woman of its dreams and decided to move there on a permanent basis, the treacherous bastard.

On the bright side – I now find myself inadvertently on day six of no drinking, and with a determination to continue. I have the perfect excuse; my friends, colleagues and drinking buddy (Mr Red) are all to aware of the litany of illnesses I’ve been suffering recently, so the words “oh I’m on an immune boosting health-kick” won’t come as a total shock.

Let’s see how it goes, eh?

Happy, vom-free weekend to you all.

Red xx


33 thoughts on “Down with the ick”

      1. Bahahahaha! I’m with Betty on the mustard plaster and bloodletting. Or you could tie a live chicken to yourself with the logic that it will absorb the bad humors and whatnot, leaving you disease-free and happy. πŸ˜‰ Congrats on 6 days! That’s awesome!!

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  1. Oh Red, poor you – AGAIN! This is a clear sigh you are on your knees. If I may…. Can I suggest you get some probiotics into you along with the antibiotics. Natural yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, all of these will help restore some of your immunity by repopulating your good bowel health. Antibiotics destroy all of the good and bad flora in you gut and can leave you susceptible to more infections. Seize this 6 day win and go with it, maybe this is your body saying enough is enough. I hope you “recover” (see what I did there 😜) soon. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

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    1. Thanks Ginger – yes I must try that, I’m pretty sure the reason I’ve come down so quick with these two things is the fallout from the chest infection/antibiotics. And I love what you did there πŸ™‚ How are things with you?? Red xx


  2. Red, you poor thing! I hope the antibiotics work. I look after patients with quinsy and they usually need to be lanced and in IV antibiotics. Imagine how much worse you would be feeling if you were drinking! This is a good time to get some sober momentum behind you. I hope you feel better soon. A x


    1. Thanks Angie! The doctor mentioned the quinsy thing as in “I can’t see any signs of quinsy yet”. So I googled it and scared meself! ! Sounds awful. Anyway – hope you’re good? Red xx


  3. Hi Red – Sorry to hear you’re getting all this lurgi. But delighted to hear you’ve cracked 6 days AF. Keep going, keep going.. It’s totally worth it. My immune system is definitely better since I went AF. In fact everything is better. The past few days have involved various moments of frustration both with Mr SFM and the mini me’s, and I’ve managed to let them wash over me with much less angst than on previous occasions when I was either half cut, hungover or tussling with the wine witch. I still have some wobble moments though. Have been struggling with what excuse to make at an upcoming dinner (I’ve still told next to no one that I’m doing this sobriety thing for ever) plus a family holiday draws closer and I so hope I will enjoy it without even 1 cocktail or cold beer and I’ve had a few thoughts and a few dreams where I toss it in – just for the holiday… However the mere thought of going back to that horrific place I’d got myself to with alcohol – does scare me to death – and I try to play the tape forward in my head – and I’m back strong again. (grateful for any handy hints and comments from anyone – I expect it’s a bit of PAWS mixed in with a sober first). Happy sober weekend to you Red. Hope you feel better soon. Definitely think you deserve a good handful of Mr Reese and his Pieces when your throat is better. Love SFM xxx


    1. Hey SFM – absolutely lovely to hear from you!! Please don’t pack it all in on the holiday… would it really ever be just one? I hate to think of all the holidays I marred by massively overindulging on the booze. I’d give a lot to change that. Just try this one holiday without, I bet you won’t regret it after. Stay strong!! Sober Mummy did a couple of excellent posts about PAWS, (one about climbing into a field of bunnies if memory serves me) might be worth having a poke around in her back catalogue. As it were!!!
      It’s great to hear about your improved immune system & greater reserves of patience – two things I’m greatly in need of! Thankyou, that’s really helpful.
      Please keep in touch!
      Red xx


      1. Hi Red – thanks so much for that boost of confidence. You’re right – would be so foolish to pack it in on holiday. I have also ruined many a holiday through over indulgence. This one will be different. I’ll kepp you posted. Hope you’re on the mend. SFM x

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    1. Hey there TWTIK! How’s your wknd been? Are you gonna join me again this time? I have 7 days under my belt so far, but I’ve not been tested as it were, as I’ve been so ill the thought of booze revolts me. I’ll count my real day 1 from when I’m better I think!! Red xx


    1. Thankyou, my friend. In true toddler fashion, she bounced back very quickly. I, on the other hand, have just spent a beautiful Sunday lying in bed, clutching my poor stomach, and (ahem) talking to the bucket every half hour or so. Although it seems to have ceased now.. Am on the Dioralyte and a square of Galaxy choc. I do hope your Sunday has been more agreeable than mine!? Red xx


  4. Fuckity fuck….. that’s better. Can’t swear on SM’s site – it has to be a bit more philosophical and I’m never too sure about the republican/democrat thing with the cousins across the pond. One thing I’ve learned is that I always associated drunkenness with being British and its comforting in some ways to see that it a truly international and cosmopolitan problem. Anyway, hope you are feeling better and nice to hear from Ginge and TWTIK – careful there with that acronym.

    Be good – or its Β£20.



    1. Ahh that’s cheered me up. Just got into bed with a large hot chocolate after practice-baking a cake for some bastard cake bake my 4 year old is having at school on Friday. As if I’m Martha-bloody-Stewart and have more time on my hands than I know what to do with. FFS. Anyway you’ve just made me crack a big grin, as usual. I hope ypure havinv a good week and have enjoyed the lovely weather in that there London Town today. And yes – it is comforting to know it’s a worldwide thing.. After spending time in NZ I’d a suspicion there would be like-minded souls out there, but wasn’t sure about the States & Canada.
      Feeling much better now thanks, no urge to drink yet, but the weekend will be my first test. I’ve a feeling I’ll pass though. After all, I’m a tight-fisted northern bird πŸ˜‰ Red xx


  5. Why have I not seen your blog until now? Glad I found it. And ugh. What a horrible way to get in six days. I hope the bath helps. You certainly have a good attitude for all you’ve been through!

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