The dangers of (AF) time

A quick post – it’s 10pm,  I’ve finally got into bed after a busy day, and the Redlets are all coughing as if they’re on a TB ward. I may be required to rush off and don my Florence Nightingale outfit any second. (Think Superman getting changed in a phone booth,  but less lycra, and a lot less sexy).

I’ve discovered that having energy, and AF time on my hands is a danger, as last night it led me to create this:


Anyone familiar with my blog will probably be aware of my predilection for the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. In particular a certain Reeses Peanut Butter Bar. Well, I only went and made a huge slab of the stuff myself. Christ knows how many calories there are in this puppy – I could probably work it out, but I don’t think my calculator display is wide enough for the result. Of course, when it came out of the tin, it needed squaring off and tidying up, and so all told, I’ve eaten a disgraceful amount this evening. Fortunately, Mr Red and the Redlets all agree it’s delicious, so they’ll probably save me from a fatal sugar-coma.

Anyway – it’s day 10 for me today. I can’t say I’ve been challenged yet, and I know the weekend and my returning good health will all conspire to trick me into thinking I’m in control of my drinking, perfectly normal Mum of 3, just a bottle or two to help me through. I shall be on my guard, and making plans to distractify. .

Red xx



35 thoughts on “The dangers of (AF) time”

    1. I’m so sorry Rosie – I did feel a pang of guilt about posting this, given your sugar free efforts. If it helps, imagine me aging fast, overweight, and with type 2 diabetes 😉 This is a temporary phase, I hope.. Red xx

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  1. I am on my way over for that delicacy!!! Did you ever have a Tastycake Peanut Butter Tandycake? They are the bomb…and I have the recipe if you’d like it! That dessert is waaaaay better than any alcohol!!! And I hope everyone feels better! Way to go on 10 Days!! xo

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  2. Looks amaze balls!! I’m chuckling away as I had a complete scoff fest last night – chic cake, ice cream, strawberries (pretending to be healthy) then kettle chips at midnight!!! I keep telling myself my liver doesn’t mind.. But my trousers do!!

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    1. Ha – I do things like put strawberries with cake and say to myself “Oo look, I’m eating stuff with antioxidants in” etc etc. I know sugar ain’t great, but in the grand scheme if things it’s a damn sight better for you than booze 😉 We’ve got to cut ourselves some slack.. Red xx


  3. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT try to calculate the calories in that bad boy. Eat and enjoy but please do avoid the sugar coma. And for the record I now am salivating at the thought of going out and getting a reese peanut butter cup. I wish the did the miniatures here (like I’d really only have one) I hope you had some probiotics with your 17 slices of PB & Choc indulgence, you do need to try and get your immune system up and running again girlfriend, fact.
    What is your PLAN for this long bank holiday weekend? You NEED a plan and this weekend come hell or high water you need Mr Red on board. This is going to be a tough one since in the UK bank holiday weekend is a free pass to drink excessively for an extra day work free. Make a PLAN!!!

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    1. Ah yes – I forgot the probiotics!! There’s a lovely healthfood show near my work, I will nip in on lunch tomorrow and stock up on live shizzle, thankyou for reminding me :-). I have a tough wknd ahead, but I have a plan for 2 out of 3 nights so far.. How’s about you? Red xx


      1. My plan is quite simple, I plan to work hard in the days and reward myself with a Becks Blue. Saturday is usually a tough on for me so if I make it home safe from the sopping I may give my daughter my purse for safekeeping. So far I haven’t had any major craving but I know that can change at any point. Good luck to us both.


  4. Hi Red – just printed it off will have to make it asap – you devil – I hate you – but then I also love you aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Was juts saying on SM’s blog I’d moderated my choc habit since my early days AF where anything goes!! Haha.


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