May Madness – the plan

I’m feeling better. Hold the press; I’m feeling very alive, actually. I think this may be a combined “AF and getting rid of the ick” pink cloud, but it’s very nice and fluffy so far.

The trouble is, as my spirits and energy improve, and the weekend approaches, thd bad thoughts of drinking have crept back in. I’m gong to have to plan the shit out of this one to get through unscathed..

Righty-ho. The Plan So Far:

Friday night: after a day at work in “the biz”, I’ll be likely obsessing about wine by the time I leave. Plan is to purchase delicious food items for an evening meal, exercise like a woman possessed immediately upon returning home, and I’ve already signed Mr Red up to a high-octane film evening. I find these easier to not drink during, as it were.

Saturday afternoon/evening: friends are coming to stay, and the usual format is craft beer, food, music, and card games until the wee small hours arrive and we lose the power of articulation. They will arrive laden with interesting new beers to try. DANGER. So for starters, Mr Red has already brought me a couple of decent AF crafty beers home specifically for that night. Also, I’ve done one of these sort of nights with these friends AF before, so I know I can do it, and also that they’ll respect my choice. And I’ll bloody LOVE the lack of hangover on Sunday. Must rememberΒ Sunday Morning if tempted.

Sunday night/Monday night: Bugger. Nothing so far; more work definitely required on this part of the plan.

Right – any suggestions for the plan are most welcome. In baking news, it’s my son’s class cake-bake tomorrow, so I need to go and (ahem) tidy up the Tiffin I’ve made so that it’s in nice, neat, presentable squares. I fear it may require some quite severe trimming…

Red xx

Ps – a few weeks ago, a class cake-bake is the sort of event which would have seen me burying my head in the sand, then forgetting about until the last minute, and panic purchasing some crap shop-bought nonsense for. Interesting contrast.


31 thoughts on “May Madness – the plan”

  1. Sounds like a great plan! Suggestion, eat toast or sandwich before leaving work, evens out blood sugar and good for your workout! If friends are understanding, perhaps put notice on fridge about Sunday feel good factor and plan rewarding brunch some place? Love that we are pretty much level pegging on days.. Let’s not mess up! πŸ˜€

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  2. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I just ordered a bunch of AF beers online. It will be tough with everyone drinking but I have been in that situation quite a few times and the morning without the hangover will make it all worthwhile :):)

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  3. For your Sunday and Monday: Get some adult coloring books. Play solitaire! Get some Words With Friends games going on your phone!! (I’ll play with you!) Go to bed early if you can! Bake some more chocolate pb delicacies and overnight them to all of your blogging friends! hahaha And enjoy your pink cloud! I hope it lasts a long time! xo

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      1. Words With Friends is an “app” It is a scrabble game that you can play on your phone with friends! It is addicting! It takes your mind off everything else…including the things you need to be doing…like cooking dinner, picking up your kids, etc.!!! xo


  4. Well done Red, you do sound like you have solid plans but like the expression goes, the best laid plans… I am not jinxing you just aware how quickly we can fall into a fuck it moment. I hold my hands up as one of the most easily swayed to give in so not judging you. Maybe we should message eachother if we get stuck with a sudden craving? TWTIK – do you have someone in your time zone? Just think of the sense of achievement we will have each morning and especially Tuesday am. I am so so glad Mr Red is respecting your decision and helping out, maybe do something ‘special πŸ˜‰’ for him on Sunday morning to say thanks.

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    1. Haha! I like the idea of something special – maybe if we don’t get invaded by three year olds at 6.30am πŸ˜‰
      Got your email will give you a shout back when I get a sec later. Your plan sounds good. Red xx


  5. I’m all in favour for blog rants, SOS style (save my sobriety!!) I’ve fallen in the pit of surviving a weekend before then ‘rewarding’ myself on Sun or Mon night by drinking. Perhaps go to cinema or some other place where alcohol not freely available??

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  6. You are doing an awesome job at planning. You also gave me some ideas! I didn’t know AF beer came in crafty versions. Must shop elsewhere to find them. Good luck with Sunday. Sunday was always my worst day due to blues over the coming work week. Pretend you have the flu and snuggle up in a warm blanket all day and binge watch tv?

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    1. Like the sound of the snuggling in blankets – small children don’t massively lend themselves to that tho. I can only try πŸ˜‰ Yes, the best AF beer over here by far is by Brewdog – Nanny State. Although Mr Red is a craft brewer, so I’ll just have to get him to design me one eh . If he does, we’ll look into exporting it!! Red xx


  7. Watch the new Top Gear on Sunday – Chris Evans always wants to make me throw up – hypocritical little shit!! For Tuesday, arrange to drive the kids to theme park, museum, zoo (whatever children do) so you can’t drink Monday night – listen to I player of Chris Evans 500 words from Friday and spend 2 hours throwing up whenever his children provide voice overs!!! Apologies to all Americans and Canadians who won’t have a clue who I am talking about…… New Top Gear presenter after the BBC sacked that arsehole Jeremy Clarkson. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, advice for Red, TWTIK and Ginge for the next 3 nights (or just two for TWTIK as its not a holiday in Canada) – its only 3 nights – don’t fucking drink. On second thoughts don’t watch Top Gear as Chris Evans is more likely to have you reaching for a drink – probably quite a lot to blot him out.


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  8. Ugh I looove that feeling of energy you get back after being struck down by illness. It’s like a new lease of life. I bet being able to drink tea without feeling like you’re swallowing knitting needles is a perk too!

    Planning is key, and AF options will hopefully help immensely on Saturday night. Fomo’s a tough nut to crack though, so if I can give you some advice, it would be to take care not to let a ‘no’ turn into a ‘maybe’, because a ‘maybe’ always equals ‘yes’! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday morning (your Sat night), hope you have a fun weekend! xx


  9. Hi Red – you can do it you can do it. One trick I used in early days when I got a craving was to not drink (obvs), and set my clock timer to 10 mins and go and do some thing else. Once the timer went the craving had gone and I often thought – oh what did I set that for again. And if it’s not quite gone – set it again. You know I’m not an expert – I’ve had so many stop starts – but something is working this time. Love SFM xxx


    1. Hey MTTS! Sorry for the radio silence – been ill again plus very busy with business so not much time.. Glad to hear you’re doing good saw your blog the other day! I’ll be back in the blogging world soon xxx


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