First coffee

The first coffee of a hangover-free Saturday morning : bliss. I’m sitting looking out over my garden, gazing at the cold, clear, blue Yorkshire sky, porridge bubbling (burning? Must check..) on the hob.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s taken me an hour since being first woken by Twin 1 and “Monk” arriving in my bed to actually getting my bum on this chair. I’ve lit the woodburner, sorted small-child breakfast viewing (Dipdap), taken breakfast orders, revised breakfast orders, added chocolate to the breakfast orders, fed the cat, lit the woodburner (again), replenished the breakfast bowls, resolved arguments etc. But all of this has been so much easier without the thick head, roiling stomach, pounding heart, and heavy chest of anxiety that the previous night’s drinking would have wrought upon me.

It’s been a good few days. I’m aching like a bastard from an advanced Pilates class I started on Thursday night. I made it through my three days at work fairly easily. I even made it through tasting 4 different wines at work yesterday, without too many pangs of distress. (Note: I “spat” where I’d usually have swallowed, and cheerfully turned down the proffered glass of something to sip at my desk whilst sorting the accounts).

Work will continue to be a challenge (more on this later) but, here I am on Day 6, feeling pretty strong.

I’ve decided on a treat to myself for reaching 20 days; a new cafetiere for one, a grinder, and some super-expensive coffee beans, which will probably have passed through the intestines of some exotic animal and been coated in gold leaf or something, y’know, to achieve that amazing flavour.

Right, wishing you all a happy Saturday wherever & whatever. I’m off to have some double cream on that porridge now, because my calorie deficit this week must already be in the thousands, and so I bloody well can.

Red xx


20 thoughts on “First coffee”

  1. Hangover-free mornings are The Best, yes?!! Remembering how wonderful they are has helped me through some hard moments. I like the fancy coffee bean treat idea & may have to steal it–thanks! Not sure I’ll get the fancy exotic pooped gold brand coffee though haha:) Keep it going, sounds like you’re doing really well! i can’t even imagine the spitting wine ordeal…omg…

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    1. Thanks Jaded – yes they sure are, the thought of how good I feel in the morning is a huge incentive. Just need to bottle the hangovery feeling, so I could experience it for a few seconds to remind me of the horror if I get tempted!!
      Coffee is a lovely treat-ey replacement – do let me know if you try any good ones! Red xx

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  2. I love porridge! I hope yours wasn’t burnt!! Blueberries, strawberries, banana and maple syrup.. yum!! My site seems to have gremlins and keeps defaulting to no comments.. but thank you for your thoughts.. I’m still hanging in there and nearly on double digits for the first time in many months.. yay! xx

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  3. I/we went mad on the coffee thing and bought a coffee machine called a Rocket and a grinder – I am embarrassed to say how much but the grinding of coffee and making brews has become a fun ritual. There is a whole world of coffee blogs out there as well. Some days I end up starry eyed and totally wired from drinking too many espresso, Americanos etc but its better than a half a bottle of Gin (or more)I think you are going to have something of a conundrum to solve with your job. My work isn’t directly linked with booze but there is something of a culture that I have basically had to avoid – I don’t think I could put it in my mouth without swallowing> I sort of look forward to your follow up. I echo your thoughts on mornings without hangovers – so much better, so much more productive and far less immodium!!!


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    1. How does one find other blogs? I remember trying to look for a ‘genre’ of blogs a while back but couldn’t figure it out. I honestly don’t know how I found my way to Mrs D’s blog which was my springboard for everyone else’s.

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    2. Sweet Jeezus, Justonemore!! Checked out the Rocket coffee machines. Well, the term “coffee machine” doesn’t do them justice really. More like a “coffee-event”. Wow. Maybe for my 3-year soberversary, eh? When the financial benefits of sobriety have kicked in properly πŸ˜‰

      Coffee with a hangover always made me feel as rough as a bears arse, so this sober coffee thing is a joy. Maybe you could UPS me a decent cup up north, I doubt my Sainsburys cafetiere is giving me the full experience..
      Yeah – the job. That’s indeed a tricky one. Small company, tiny in fact, so I’m very visible as it were. I’ll get away with it for a while, hopefully until I’m more sure what the hell to do about it! Red xx


  4. Coffee is my big love, I am a dreadful coffee snob and know my beans and roast very well. I have 4 cafetières and bring one and my coffee whenever I go afield, that way I always have my fix. I think that is an excellent idea as with your wine palette you will be able to pick out the subtle flavours.
    Goodness only knows how you are able to let wine into your mouth let alone let it out again. I bow to you on that score.
    Is Mr Red supporting you on your 100 day challenge?

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  5. It’s becoming obvious that we need to set up a side-blog about coffee!! I need everyone’s expertise! Please tell me a decent one to treat myself with? I’m stuck on Taylors Of Harrogate pre-ground stuff at the mo, I’m sure there’s a whole ‘nother world out there πŸ™‚
    Yes the wine tasting was tough. Fortunately I’m not a proper “professional”. I was still the young apprentice compared to my colleagues. Well, until last week..!!
    Yes, I had a good talk with Mr Red on day 1. Busted some myths I’d built up in my head. Clearly asked for his help, spelled out how he could, which I’ve realised is essential with men! Sod attempting to communicate via subtle nuance πŸ˜‰ How are you, how’s your weekend, why so tired the other night, are you working too hard??! Red xx


  6. Red, you have my admiration for not drinking the wine!! Hope you’re having a lovely sober weekend.
    To all the commenters who mentioned coffee, please share your favourites. I think a separate coffee blog is an excellent idea.
    SO x

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    1. Bore me – bore me!!!! And seriously, the cost isn’t important. If you think about all the sodding money we’ve collectively flushed down the loo drinking alcohol over the years, it’s a drop in the freezing ocean. I may calculate my financial loss one day, possibly when I’m wobbling and I need a shock.


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