Sober awards

Rewards. Hmm. I know it’s important to treat ourselves kindly, especially in early sobriety, and I’ve been planning a few different sober ‘rewards’ for my early milestones (got through a day? Yay – I deserve something!! Probably a biscuit). I’m struggling with the idea of it being a reward though. “Reward” makes me feel at best, like a toddler being given a star for eating my tea, and at worst like a faithful puppy, or some sort of crack-addicted lab-rat.

So I’m going to have sober “awards” instead. A tiny difference, mere semantics, I know, but in my head it at least elevates me to primary school level, along with my eldest son who keeps coming home with star-award certificates for being awesome. (Yes. I’m biased. It’s my job).

A few sober awards I’m planning for myself:

Day 14: flowers for making it to two weeks.

Day 20: some really nice bubbles. Probably the Philosophy Cinnamon Bun variety, which I’ve long coveted.

Day 42: an important one, as it’s a day past my previous record, and on the other side there will be a brave new world. It will also, coincidentally,  be Christmas day. I’m planning a candle. An expensive, scented one. And I’m going to light it on Christmas day night, when we finally get back home, to mark the event.

Day 100: well, y’all know about the Hotel Chocolat extravaganza I’m planning. I’m going to be rubbing myself all over with those muthas..

A quick round-up of the week; I went to a Mindfulness session one evening. For someone like me who just cannot. stop. thinking (also read “catastrophising” here, it works too) it was a very useful experience. It felt good. I’ll be going again, and attempting to start a daily practice.

Apart from busting through some crushing tiredness, the only challenge was last night, and it wasn’t challenging in the end, just a nice evening. I live in a small market town, and we make a big event of such things as tree lighting. My childen were involved in a parade carrying little lanterns, there was a brass band, carols, hog roast, and the ubiquitous mulled wine.

It was a lovely event, but my small people are still quite tiny, and by Friday evenings usually sociopathic with tiredness. I used this as an excuse to trundle us all off home for hot chocolate sharpish after the tree was lit. We bundled them off to bed, Mr Red made me a verdita (pineapple juice, mint, coriander, lime juice, jalapenos) and we ate nachos and watched Game Of Thrones. At bedtime, I found myself looking forward to my clear-headed, relaxing start to a new saturday. It hasn’t disappointed me so far!

Red xx

Ps any other ideas for sober awards/treats/whaddever you call them?? I’d love to hear what everyone else does. As you can probably tell, I’m having to pep-talk/award myself through this!! xx



11 thoughts on “Sober awards”

  1. OOh, Mr. Red, make me one of those too! That drink sounds really good. I think as long as none of your awards are ACTUALLY crack, you’re all set. So good to see you back on the blog and off the booze! Keep it up, my friend. You will never regret it. Message me if you need to chat, I have no life and am available;)

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    1. The verdita was lush – summer in a glass, and a bit more to it than a lot of the sugary AF nonsense we get peddled. The jalapenos give it a good kick too 🙂 And yeah, crack would be a REALLY bad award! “Hey look, I’m totally off my tits but I’m not drinking wine, so it’s ok, right??”.
      And thanks – I will message you if I think I’m about to give in.. I had a longing at 5pm prepping food, but I saw it off by imagining my pounding head tomorrow morning.. Urgh! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! Red xx

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        For sure! Craving, or just shoot the shit. Email is on contact page.
        Weekend is excellent! I have 5 days off in a row, and I’ve been sleeping super late. SLEEEEEEP. I love it.


  2. Red, I’m watching and reading – I’ll write something more tomorrow. I’ve just had half a chocolate brownie, ice cream and apple and raspberries!! Back on the treadmill tomorrow in more ways than one!! Posh Dinner this week at work but that’s more something to endure as everyone else will be hitting the fizz!! Running out of exclamation marks now and still got to find out what the fuck Lululemon is from SM’s blog.

    See ya


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    1. Ha – I’ve self-medicated this evening with vast quantities of apple crumble I made “for the kids”. At least that won’t make me feel like death tomorrow tho eh? And it was gluten-free so Mr Red could eat some, so all the sugar will have been, er, cancelled out or something. Good luck with the dinner.. get some fizzy water in a champagne glass and pretend. And enjoy watching other people make tits of themselves! I’ve no idea what Lululemon is either.. from the comments I gather it’s workout gear. However given the fact I exercise in an old pair of leggings with a hole in the bum, I reckon it’s a bit too flash for me 😉 Red xx


  3. I like awards.
    I think each night you go to bed sober you should give yourself a hug and say thank you. I try to do this morning and night. Because each day is a gift.
    And lots of bubble baths, lululemon and books. Those are my things.

    Yoga is life in my house! Lol

    Keep writing. We are with you!

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    1. Thanks Anne!! I like thus thinking. Part of the Mindfulness session I did was about being kind to ourselves 🙂 I’m going to have to investigate Lululemon, I’ve just started a Pilates class, surely that calls for new workout gear 😉 Red xx

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