Just. New.

Happy New Year, everyone! A quick post; I want to record the fact that I’m now on day 49, and I had a brilliant New Years Eve!

We had good friends over, the kids were all happily sleeping together upstairs, the adults enjoyed a Thai meal cooked by Mr Red, I was armed with tons of AF drink options, and crucially, I was completely honest with our friends about what I was doing, and why. Note – appreciate this approach wouldn’t work for everyone;  these are extremely good friends who are very understanding about a broad range of things (particularly the importance of good mental health) and I knew I’d get nothing but quiet, fuss-free support from them.

We played a few games, had an absolute riot with Cards Against Humanity, and I found myself laughing, having fun, relaxing, all the emotions and states of mind that we fool ourselves into thinking we need alcohol to achieve.. well bollocks to that, it just isn’t true.

Sadly, after thinking that surely I Am Wonder Woman,  and I’d escaped the illness which afflicted my family over Christmas, just before midnight I succumbed. I rang in the New Year with a delightful toilet interface at 11.50pm, then ran downstairs, shouted a Happy New Year to all, ran back upstairs and was lost, another victim of the dreaded vommitty-bug. I feel pretty rough today, which I’m incredibly annoyed about, given the fact I should have been “jumping out of bed like Mary-bloody Poppins” as Mr Red put it. But I’m peversely happy that none of this can be attributed to booze. Ha!

If you’re thinking of giving up the drink – just do it. The difference I feel in my life is incredible. Really – try it, do it, what do you have to lose? If you want help and support, shout, there is an amazing band of people out here, blogging and helping each other. There’s no way I’d be at 49 days today if it wasn’t for all the support. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and wish you all a peaceful, happy 2017.

Love, Lady Pukebucket  (formerly Red) xx


19 thoughts on “Just. New.”

  1. Bound to happen! Sorry you feel sick but glad it’s for another reason. Sound like you had a hoot and how lovely that you have some friends who understand and can give “fuss-free support” that must be amazing. Hope you rally quickly and get to feel the benefits of this super sober start to 2017. I am feeling happy but tired as my long held suspicion that blue cheese, Stilton to be specific, does not agree with me and has some kind of stimulant effect. Previously I had always attributed the weird spacey feeling to the buckets of vintage port I drank alongside it but being stone cold rock hard sober when eating said Stilton, I realise it was the cheese. I was wide awake until 3:22 was the last time I glanced at the clock the Stilton acting on me like a quadruple espresso or crack. I know you are not supposed to eat cheese before bed due to bad dreams but now I fully understand.
    Doing Whole 30 for January no dairy, gluten, seed/grain oils etc only two step foods, meat and veges really. I tend to use food like alcohol sometimes and this is just to get my head straight.
    Take care and feel better soon.

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    1. Thanks Ginger! How interesting about the Stilton, and what a shame! I’m going to look forward to seeing your blog posts about the Whole 30 – bet you’ll feel amazing. As usual, I will let you try that out first 😉
      Thankyou so much for all your support this last year, my friend – you’ve been incredible, and I appreciate it so much. Red xx


  2. Oh lady Pukebucket, you could pronounce that like Hyacinth in Keeping up appearances and have a smashing new nom de plume! Hope your feeling better soon and massive congratulations on ringing in 2017 Alcohol Free AF!! Xx

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  3. Happy New Year Red.. wishing you a puke free January as soon as you recover! Our family is slowly on the mend and I’m actually feeling pretty positive about the year ahead.. life seems to be opening up again and with ‘dryathon’ getting lots of airtime the next 30 days should be a breeze.. I’m so proud of us both!! xx

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    1. I’m very proud of us both too – we’re doing so bloody well!!! Especially in the face of such illness/adversity 😉 Glad to hear you’re feeling in the up now, let’s make this a fantastic January! Red xx


  4. Well Red, here we go, another year. I’m off back up the motorways of England tomorrow am as I head back to work. I am going to join Annie and do sober Jan ( I didn’t do all of it in 2016 as I drank on Jan 1st). We have been chucking out a load of wine glasses and stuff today. I noticed there is still quite a lot of booze in the house as people have given us bottles over xmas and we had stuff from last year that has remained untouched but I don’t really feel the urge just a slightly wistful pang – really!! My social calendar is however plagued by drinking events and Burn’s night is the next thing that will need avoiding and while the gym will be busy next week, many of my colleagues will chuck their resolutions around about Thursday night when someone will suggest a “couple of quiet drinks” to dispel the January blues. I will throw myself into my work – not!! Anyway, its been an interesting year and probably more of the same in the next 12 months – wind is already getting up outside which is reminiscent of the howling gale we had this time last year. Still, horses fed, dogs walked, car packed, a few more grey hairs. I am genuinely bloody glad that we all seem to be heading sober into 2017, well done us – one last thought, somebody else said this recently but I can’t think of a single event this year that would have been enhanced by me being drunk.

    Happy vomiting.


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    1. Happy New Year to you!! I hope the journey to Old London Town has been ok. I’m with you o the “wistful pang” it describes it perfectly. It’s usually fleeting tho! So you do have horses – Jeebus woman, where do you find the time??
      Absolutely agree with your last thought. None of my last 50 days would have been the better for a drink. Just increasingly worse..
      Looking forward to smashing Dry Jan with you! Red xx


  5. Oh for goodness sake! There just isn’t any escaping the vomit bug once it’s started doing the rounds! Sorry that you had to ring in the New Year staring into a porcelain bowl (something I am quit familiar with) but as you said at least it wasn’t due to alcohol consumption. There will be many days this year where you jump out of bed like Mary bloody Poppins. I keep waiting for the day I jump out of bed like Cinderella and the birds and forest animals make my bed.(or was that Snow White?)

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