My First Half-Century

50 days today!!! I am very proud of this fact. It’s been a long time coming, for someone like me, who generally has all the willpower of a squirrel sat next to a very large nut . Family Red all got out into this today, and it felt veryΒ good:


I’m planning to spend this evening celebrating the New Year by eating ALL of the calories I missed over the last 36 hours. Even if that means eating two dinners, three desserts, and cheese, I will battle through.

2017 will not be about denial of any sort for me; there will be time to make more positive food choices, it’s already happening naturally now that I don’t crave my own bodyweight in fried food due to a hangover. And not pouring poison down my throat isn’t really denying myself anything, now is it?

I’m struggling to pick a word for the year, but I think I’ll try to focus on kindness to myself and others. And FUN! I want lots of fun, and I finally have the energy and drive to seek that out. That is a momentous thing for me; my alcohol habit was increasingly making me a hermit. I didn’t really want to leave the house. At all. Funny really, given that booze is supposed to make life more amazing, according to the adverts?

If you’re just starting out on Dry January – please keep going – you may feel incredibly tired at the start, just when you think you should, by rights, be feeling full of beans and all renewed and shiny… I found that bit so, so hard. Why was I doing this, if not to feel better? But the extreme tiredness will pass, and you will begin to break the habits. Seriously, just give it a go.

I’m now really looking forward to whatever the next 50 days will bring. I’ve never felt so positive in January in my life before. What a good place to be!

On re-reading this post, I think I may be on that post-vomit-virus high, where just feeling ok and being out of bed is like you’re living in a John Hughes movie.. one with John Candy cooking breakfast in it. Β But I reckon it’s My Life Without Booze. Try it.

Red xx


34 thoughts on “My First Half-Century”

  1. Whoopsy woo.. so proud of you!!! Perhaps once the kids are back I will have time to write longer comments but trust me, I’m sending you positive vibes and a back slap!! High five partner!! xx

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  2. My word for 2017 – fuck the A303, actually that’s 3 words so how about fuck the A303 and the M5 near Taunton including the little but really fucking irritating A365 that joins the M5 to the A30 – bastard 3. Sorry more than “a” word for 2017. How is this relative to drinking – coz after a 7 hour drive that normally takes 4, I am capable of drinking anything but there is nothing except coffee and water. Anyway, 2017 starting off really well. Stonehenge looked nice in the evening sun and I had plenty of time to admire it as some complete knob in a camper van had broken down – blocking the blasted road for an age!!! AArghhhhhh!!! Why don’y they all sod off North for Xmas? Cornwall and Devon need time to recover from the summer onslaught. Anyway, rant over. Very well done on notching up the 50, eat away my dear girl. Have you checked out your chocolate fest yet?


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    1. If I am correct, you should be rejoicing at today being one year sober. Justonemore you have been a fabulous champion for so many of us trying to stay on the wagon, you have used up the expletives we didn’t dare use and told it like it is to those of us wringing our hands wondering if it was possible. You have made us laugh, made sure we all know how much you love commuting and our great southwest road networks and that there is life after booze. You have stoically refused to have your own blog (unless you are going to announce you are secretly SoberMummy alter ego) and I am forced to stalk you around the blogosphere and use Red as my blog pimp so I can get messages to you. All that aside…..
      Congratulations on being a great old sober pal that we love to read comments from and one determined lady that has crushed this last year. Well done and keep up the good work.
      You owe Red a box of chocolates for allowing her blog to be hijacked to support you! ha ha

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      1. Oh my lordy – I’m a blog-pimp!! I love it. I have now found my niche. Justonemore, I shouldn’t laugh at your tales of road-side woe, but can’t help myself, I love your acerbic wit. I hope everyone does fuck right off out of Devon & Cornwall in time for the next journey. And the bastard in the campervan.
        Seriously though, I thank you also, you’ve always been there with words of support for me, even when I’ve failed, and you’ve always managed to refrain from calling me a silly twat. Thankyou, thankyou, and please give yourself a bloody big pat on the back for your sober year – your determination is greatly admired from this quarter!!! Red xx


  3. Congrats on 50 days, halfway there and you are ROCKING this. You are an inspiration to so many reading your blog. That initial waking up and realising you have been in a haze for the last X number of years is freeing and despite being hard to deal with it also helps focus in on the determination to not lose any more time. I feel great strength coming through you and have no doubt you will grab 2017 by the balls, swing it around, claim it as your own and soar through sobriety.

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    1. Thanks Ginger!!! I’m feeling good now, but totally aware this is probably a pink cloud thingy and I may well hit paws soon. So I’m trying to embrace the good stuff and hope that if I get high enough on this mountain, I can coast the old unicycle down the other side for a fair way πŸ˜‰ My success this time is in no small part down to seeing you rock through this ahead of me. And your lovely, insightful, supportive comments!! Red xx


  4. Dearest red – so many congrats on 50 days. Christmas and new year done. You’ve totally got this now. I actually found the cravings and pressure were pretty testing on New Year’s Eve – but I did it!!! Ooh yay. As SM has said a few times – it’s all about sober firsts. So next year should be a doddle!! Many congrats to justonemore too! We both have our soberversary today!!! Can’t believe I’ve done it! Have you worked out what sober pressie you’re going to buy yourself. I’m going to work on that today! I have a divine luxury bar of choc to have later anyway. Happy new year Red and all you other lovely sober peeps. Xxx

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    1. SFM!!! So many congrats on your year! That’s brilliant! I hope you’ll be treating yourself to more than a bar of choc?? Well done for getting through a testing NYE – it’s a tough one for sure. I liked SM’s idea of owning it and turning it into an event which isn’t all about the booze – I’m going to try that next year.
      Sending you a massive congratulatory hug.. Red xx


  5. Indulge! I didn’t try much of the healthy eating in the beginning either. I enjoyed too much sugar for quite a while. But you have calories to make up. I envy you. I have just a shitty cold, and it’s taking forever to shake it.
    Congrats on half a year!!!

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  6. congrats on 50 days!! That’s fantastic!
    I found that my eating habits had to change a bit when I got sober, but it can still be a struggle. Learning to respect my body (sans liquid poison) is not an automatic thing. Self-respect shows itself in many ways, and when I am down on myself or just feeling a bit off, I can still cram sugar and other garbage down my throat! But it’s a cycle for me. What I *can* say is that the more emotionally and mentally fit I am, it reflects in my food choices. The whole mind-body-spirit connection is real for me.

    Anyway, Happy New year and glad to have found your blog!


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    1. Thanks Paul – great to hear from you, glad you found the blog too :-). I hear what you’re saying about the self-respect side of the food choices. I’m relying massively on sugar/chocolate as a substitute, but I’m starting to feel like I want to clean things up food-wise too. Interested to see just how good one can feel!! Happy New Year to you too! Red xx

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  7. SFM, well done and I really couldn’t have done all of this without all of you – starting to sound like the BAFTAs now but I genuinely mean it. This sober thing is a lonely place and you need some humour and support to keep you going. I have rewarded myself with a spinning class today!! and the last thing I want now is a drink – other than water. I too am looking for a cleaner January. I found that I did a lot of sugar last year and although I lost a fair bit of weight, that was due to taking carbs out as well but I would like to reduce or at least be more selective on the sugar, Costa chocolate chip muffins are soooo bad. I mainline nuts like one of Red’s giant squirrels as well. Anyway, got to get back to the coalface, Red, sorry to hi-jack your Blog again.


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    1. Hey justonemore – we totally rock. This first sober year has been awesome and the next will be even better!! And you rock even more red – as you’re our blog pimp!!! Watch out 2017 – here we come – all we lovely sobersphere peeps are taking over !!!!

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      1. Oh sorry that wasn’t clear I meant 41 degrees haha, in Perth Australia – I was jealous of the fact your photo looks beautiful and cool x


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