Time dilation

Quick check in – I’m perched in the bathroom whilst two small boys create tidal waves and general havoc in their evening bath. Fans of Calvin and Hobbes will be able to picture the scene with a degree of accuracy. The downstairs electrics are in danger, but hey, they’re having fun.

I wanted to note something very significant. The periods of time between my cravings for wine areย stretching.ย For me, this is A Very Big Thing. It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve not even thought about drinking for about 7 days.

I NEVER thought this would happen. If you’re in early sobriety, and are (like me) wondering what fresh hell it will be to live the rest of your life thinking about drinking but not being able to, ever again, then please take comfort in this new experience of mine. It may not last, but by the gods, it is progress.

Right – I must go, I’m about to be carried out of the bathroom on a Matey-tsunami… Somebody, please CALL THE COAST GUARD IF I’VE NOT POSTED BY TUESDAY!!!

Red xx


26 thoughts on “Time dilation”

  1. Yay for Red!! Oh I must go back and see if I felt like that? How great that you can recognise it in yourself, I am glad you feel good although I panicked when I read “I am perched in the bathroom….” Thinking that another plague had beset your household.
    All I seem to remember from my 100 days are huge tidal waves (I’m staying with your theme ha ha) of craving crashing into me. Luckily by the end I was surfing the waves.
    Keep up the good work and inspiration.

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    1. Haha – yes fortunately it was a much better reason to be perched in the bathroom this time! I’m sure another huge tidal craving-wave will hit me soon, but it’s definitely progress! Hope you’ve had a good weekend, Lovely. Red xx


  2. The sea surges through my blood so I am happy for you and your boys, they should grow into hearty sea dogs. Did I say I was thinking of a parrot tattoo? Any way, enough of the sea shanty stuff. I still get cravings and have had two nights of vivid drinking dreams although Peter Capaldi was in one of them as Dr Who so work that one out – No Daleks though. I can’t think about forever in the context of drinking so I still only really look at the next few days. Predictably, my colleagues went out on Thursday night and got smashed judging by the carb breakfasts and the stale booze smell in the office on Friday, so no regrets there although I had to tell one of our new girls that they don’t invite me along anymore but there you go. I went to Waitrose instead (other cheaper supermarkets are available).

    Don’t have to go back until tomorrow and have just been for a run and walked the dogs – smugness anyone??

    Better send that junior seaman out for a bucket of spur-lash (its how you say it).


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    1. Definitely get a parrot tattoo! That’s different – I like it. Tattoo artists get sick to death of fairies and flowers. My next one is going to be a scandinavian-style mountain range up my inner arm.
      I’m down with the salty sea dog theme at the mo, have just started watching Black Sails. About 3 episodes in and it’s beginning to gel. And it’s worth watching for the delicious Toby Stephens alone. Oh and some of the other tanned muscular sorts. Ahem. (Calm thyself, woman).
      I can’t think forever either, 100 days is enough before I conduct an official review. I used to work away in London occasionally in a former life, and we’d just go straight out on the lash at 5pm for about 3 nights on the trot. Trying to function the next day was horrific. And the anxiety. I don’t miss it.
      You’ve got to revel in the smug moments, I bet you feel zingy after that. I’m looking forward to doing a few smug-inducing activities but I’m still feeling a bit wiped out after the vom, so am being kind to myself this weekend (read:lazy).
      I like that your drinking dreams contained Peter Capaldi. I dreamt about a giant plate of sausages last thing this morning. Too much Black Sails perhaps.
      Red xx


    2. I was gonna say you cuss like a sailor but you haven’t uttered one in the above comment so that’s me wrong and you even smugger.


  3. I think this shows a healing brain. Who knew that fun could be had without drinking? It takes a while to be able to experience it and accept it as just the everyday joy that can sneak up on you. All without urging it along through a few drinks. And then a few more, when that doesn’t work quite like you wanted.

    I am most happy for the Redlet clan. Cheers!

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  4. Not thinking about drinking is something I’m very pleased to hear today. Having made it through a week and thought, now, just repeat that for the rest of your life, I had a bit of a panic. To know that in a few weeks I might feel differently is very encouraging.

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    1. The early weeks are a complete bitch, or so I found. Breaking such an ingrained habit was immensely alien and hard. I’ve found it getting significantly easier. Keep on going, it’s really worth it. But you have to feel it for yourself to really believe it! ! Red xx


  5. Hi Red
    That is great that you have not thought about drinking! I agree with just thinking up to 100 days or just today as in my case. Makes it less overwhelming. I want to see a pic of Justonemore’s tattoo once she gets it


  6. Lovely post Red! So nice to be back amongst the crazy sober folk, with their mad offspring! It is so nice to be able to enjoy kids that age without a hangover or thoughts of the next glass of wine. You’ve reminded me to do something nice with mine today…(yes, I’m not super mum and do need to be reminded sometimes…)

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    1. Hey lovely MTTS! I’m glad you’re blogging again, left a comment on yours last night but I effed it up I think (bloody technology) – anyway it mostly said people don’t know the full extent of how negatively alcohol was affecting us – they can’t possibly as they’re not in our heads. It’s all too easy for them to make glib “oh you weren’t that bad” comments which are very undermining!! I think Anne nailed it in her comment about how she responds in situations like that ๐Ÿ™‚ Right – I’m waffling – must get back to my Saturday morning house of madness!!! Red xx


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