Quick update/victory dance

Yay! Day 102! I’m in The Lakes, at a cottage which has No Mobile Reception or WIFI (well, not on my network anyway) – hence my silence!! Am tapping this out quickly whilst we’re briefly back nearer civilisation to buy food. I shall post a more thoughtful missive when Family Red is back home, but I wanted to thank everyone for all the lovely comments on my last post – I always try to reply individually but just haven’t had chance, plus see above re: technical difficulties, dammit!!

For those wondering, there are two large boxes of Hotel Chocolat choccies waiting for me at home. The weight loss will just have to wait…

Love, Red xx


51 thoughts on “Quick update/victory dance”

      1. no no no Red. I have had one or two problems… number 1 being that I have a tendency to run away when I am drunk… You wouldn’t believe how many problems that has caused! 🙈 Fuck mate. Can we just get into a rocket and go and live on another planet… preferably where people are nice and not nobheads to each other!!!


  1. Been thinking about you and hoping you are ok. The blogosphere seems to be quite quiet recently with lots of regulars not posting, including myself. I just wanted to say hi 😊

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  2. Sigh!! Still come here just on the off chance there’s a nite to say hi. You are gone but not forgotten and greatly missed. Big hugs and hope you and the red clan are well.

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  3. I feel like Brad Pitt quitting drinking is a sign we are definitely part of the team to be on…hope you come back as I miss your brilliant writing x (and we could petition brad to be our mascot or something)

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      1. You’re back! How wonderful lovely I hope you are well? How’s the back pain? I’m great thanks hon clocked up 800 days on Saturday & im currently sitting in a terrace garden in Bali so life is good xx
        Oh & I started a blog too it’s huntersober.com.au if you’re bored! Good luck lovely Red- you can definitely do this, Claire x

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  4. Hey Red, just thought I’d say hi and that I hope you are doing ok.

    Also Justonemore- if you are reading this can you leave a message on my blog. I miss you too but no way to find you.

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