Testing my “muscles”

Today has been tricky. On the one hand, I’m celebrating a month sober. Yay! Go me!

On the other hand, I had to taste 6 different wines at work today, all of which were amazing Cali- reds, which former-Red would have hoovered up in a state of sheer bliss.  However, I spat like a true professional, and didn’t even let a trickle of the bastard devil-juice slip down my throat.

To add insult to injury, I was then packed off home with the rest of the bottles in a cardboard box, with which to kick-start my wedding anniversary celebrations tomorrow.. “you can drink them in the hot tub!!” called my colleague after me, as I clanked my way across the carpark.

Bringing me onto point 3. (Or the third hand?? Hmm). Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary. Mr Red and I are heading to a delightful boutique hotel, where traditionally we spend the afternoon getting totally smashed in a hot tub,  and then continuing to get even further smashed in the amazing fish restaurant, whilst pretending (badly) to be respectable grown-ups.

How am I supposed to do this sober, in the face of such tradition?? What the chuff will I do in the ruddy hot-tub for 4 hours?

Help! I’m off to look at my sleeping children, and remind myself why the hell I’m doing this.

Red xx




23 thoughts on “Testing my “muscles””

  1. I stayed sober because drinkimg was causing more pain than joy. Hubs and I have had 4 wedding anniversaries sober. Are they different? Yes. Are they fun and loving? Yes! We focus on doing things more now, rather than just dinner.
    Make a list of what happens when you drink, and then a list of why you want to stay sober.

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  2. Get out of the hot tub THE MINUTE YOU FEEL LIKE IT! Take a nap before dinner! Fantasize about dessert instead of drinks. Take the pressure off yourself to make this just like the past. Decide to make it different this time, with no expectations, and the next time will be much easier.

    Thirty days is amazing, Red. 💕

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  3. Hey Red, You can do it!! Think of how great you will feel in the AM, not violently ill with a wine hangover combined with a hot tub which also dehydrates you, I have had some terrible hangovers when wine and hot tubs have been mixed together!

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  4. SEX!
    Have sex as many times as you can and tell Mr Red you are trying this instead of drinking, he’ll be pretty darn supportive of your sobriety I think.

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  5. Sounds like you worked it out! My first sober anniversary was at the beach (here in the town where we now have a beach house from whence I write to you) and it was amazing. We hiked, we shopped, we rode in a dune buggy, we ate our way across town. Last year we did our anniversary in Las Vegas, a place where the air is practically infused with alcohol (and pot!!) Plenty to do when you’re not wasted/hungover. Congratulations on your 5 years with spouse, and your month without booze.

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    1. Thanks – and I’m so interested to hear you had fun in Vegas booze-free, that might be on the cards for me next year and I wasn’t entirely convinced it was possible 😉 Your first sober wedding anniversary sounds loads of fun. Mine was great, I felt really good and we did loads more. And now I’ve done one, I’ve broken the taboo xx


  6. I found that mr hurrah and I had to adjust a bit to sober date nights. We were big drinking buddies. It felt weird in the beginning but the more we did it the more relaxed we became. It wasn’t easy for us but these days the bonding is far deeper and more enjoyable. X

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