IMG_20180907_075323_012Loving the light on these trees this morning. It’s only the carpark at my work, in Yorkshire, but it’s beaut. When people have reacted to the news that I’m not drinking with the old “well why don’t you just have one or two?”, I’ve been answering that it’s because I have no willpower. I can’t “just have one”. (I just love that people ask this by the way; seriously, d’you NOT THINK I’ve explored that option?? I’ve explored it till I can’t fucking see straight..)

Newsflash. I do have willpower, and lots of it. Evidence of this; I am on day 40 sober today.

Enjoy your Friday, folks.
Red xx


13 thoughts on “Willpower?”

  1. Hi Red. Congrats on day 40! That’s awesome! Love your blog which I found through GG. I can relate to “have just one drink” ugh! Even my doctor who I poured my heart out to when I first quit over 7 months ago said on the way out the door… remember drink moderately…what the?!?! Sheesh! Love Yorkshire BTW. I grew up in Northern England. J x

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    1. Hey Joni – nice to “meet” you & thanks! Yeah, can’t really believe some medical professionals.. hear this a lot, and for some people doubting if they have a problem, that’s just license to carry on. Probably would have been for me, way back when.
      Yorkshire is a good place to live. I still hanker after more exotic locations tho πŸ˜‚ Where abouts are you these days? Red xx


      1. Hi Red. Hope you enjoyed a lovely sober weekend. Thanks for asking – I moved to the USA in my early 20s. Have since lived in New York and California. Now that we are retired my husband and I split our time between Minnesota and Florida. We also do a fair amount of traveling. I’m fortunate to have a very blessed life but need to learn how to enjoy it without booze and not feel deprived. Blogs like yours and others inspire me to keep me going. Thank you! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•xx

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  2. The beauty of the simple things around us go a long way, happy to know you felt the joy of the light on the trees. Congrats on the 40 days, good job holding steady! -Hugs, ll

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  3. Well done Red, you are doing really well. I will never understand how you do what you do for work and keep this up and I really admire you for it. Looking to follow in your footsteps.

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    1. Hey Ginger! Thanks, and right back at you – hope you’re enjoying feeling good this weekend? So glad we’re in this together again. And yeah – job situation not ideal, but they say don’t make major life decisions straight away… I can formulate a plan though! Red xx


  4. Willpower is like a muscle…it can get tired and stop working…
    Addiction is something entirely different. Most addicts are very strong-willed individuals…so why can’t we just ‘get a hold of this thing?” Because addiction has high jacked the brain and is driving the car. That is why moderation is bullcrap. The only way to remain in control of the car is by abstaining. I’ve started telling people I’ve retired from drinking. I’ve done my duty and after extensive drinking research, I found that it pretty much just makes you drunk, tired depressed and anxious and who needs that? πŸ™‚

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    1. I am SO stealing this response.. retired and done my dues! Love it. I had a lovely and well-meaning friend who said today she hopes one day I can just have one happily. I tried to explain that for me that’s not possible, probably on the most basic cellular level πŸ˜‚. I’m happier with none thankyou. And why is the thought of a life without booze something to be pitied?? I’m really happy right now! Red xx

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